Celebrations by Design - was created because  I want anyone, no matter who they love have the ability to have a ceramoney that reflects their beliefs. Not a ceramony, that is generic, dictated by people that you've never met.  That kind of ceremony isn'tnot only outdated, It's not personal, the only thing personal about it is your names written in the fill-in the blank spots.  If your a non-traditional couple almost nothing in the"traditional"  ceramony pertains to you and it definitely doesn't reflect your relationship!  This is your day everything about this special day in your life should be yours, reflective of each of you! That's why I'm here, let's celebrate your love, let's have a celebration you designed for you; from your attire to the food,  the guests and where the sit, the loved ones in the ceremony and the words I say during the service, all should celebrate you as a couple, not what out-dated, old-fashioned, close-minded people say a wedding should look and feel like. Infinity is a long time so let's make your special celebration be remembered by all who attend for infinity.